Monday, December 8, 2008

Annotations: Using YouTube's Pause Option ||

YouTube offers us the a similar option using callouts, highlights and capability of adding YouTube URLs to related (or unrelated!) videos. Today I noticed an additional option when in the 'annotations' window... the || Pause option. Super! I have added it to the MISSILL machinima at the very end.. a long 9.00 minutes into the video so that I could stop the video long enough for viewers to observe and hopefully click on the callout with a URL pointing to MISSILL's 2006 Trans Musicales de Rennes concert. That worked... but how about using it as a marker? Though since my pause is only for 5 or 6 seconds.. that won't work. But, you could add a message within the video using a callout pleading with the viewer to hit the pause button on the YouTube viewer and suggesting they return to the video afterwards. This really is begging for participation... I'll try it.

Viewing the 'higher quality' version:

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