Monday, December 8, 2008

Annotating Images in Flickr and videos on YouTube: always moving forward without a back button!

Okay... so the annotations on Flickr images don't work outside Flickr. Hmmmm The 'Add Note' feature allows you to annotate images so that when viewers roll their cursor over the image they can view your ramblings or perhaps even useful information. It got me thinking that we could annotate real life images of our libraries in the same way... except now that I have embedded the image (here in blogger) the feature doesn't work.
I wonder if you can add URLs or SLurls (Second Life URLs) that would launch the Second Life viewer and teleport viewers to Karuna Resource Center in SL. I doubt it.. but I'll try. We can definitely add the SLurls to the image description below... I'm not sure if that gets sent in the blog post from Flickr to the user-listed blogs. I'll give it a try right after this...
OK.... so the annotations don't show up in the blog.. hmmm so you'll have to click through to Flickr to view the annotations. Testing the SLurls and URLs now... and drinking semi-warm coffee I brought in from home... thinking of walking over to Scrubs cafe here on campus to get a "real" coffee.

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