Monday, August 4, 2008

Let's begin on Camera Controls One

IM me for a teleport if you need it.
On Machinima Institute Island, I have 3 of the 12 islets populated with prims of all sorts to be used for introductory machinima classes. Take a look around: Krull Aeono's wonderful virtual reality environment is at one edge of the island; the Machinima Factory and Cafe is at the other end (complete with lots of junk scattered around on both floors). Try out the machiniAlliance Virtual Library, building, camera controls, Education and Machinima, GSLIS, HVX Silverstar, libraries,ma sets by Pendullum on the lower level and second story of the factory.
Class slides:
Find out more about the class offered by UIUC GLSIS Continuing Education series with Alliance Library System:
Look forward to more classes from UIUC/AVL in the autumn!

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