Sunday, August 31, 2008

ThinC Press and ThinC Book need your vote on the Jira! I was trying to create a ThinC Book for Virtual Worlds, Real Libraries.

HVX Silverstar: Hi there,
This came up today for me as I was trying to make a ThinC book for Abbey and Lori and found that my antiquated ThinC press for making multiple copies would no longer work. It seems that none of the versions are working properly now due to this bug.
Please vote on the bug that is currently causing havoc with Toneless Tomba's very cool (librarians love it) ThinC Press.

[20:49] HVX Silverstar: You will need to log into the Jira server using your SL name and password. The log in link is at the top right of the page.

You will find the "Votes" link at the left of the page in the margin. There are currently 95 votes and 22 people watching the progress.. well, we hope progress.

Don't forget to order the book for your library:

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