Saturday, August 16, 2008

Virtual Ability Ribbon Cutting by Gentle Heron

Today was the opening of Virtual Ability Island in the very beautiful Second Life. I use "very beautiful" rather loosely in many of my posts... but today was beautiful, inspiring and extremely moving. The auditorium. The ribbon was cut by Gentle Heron (also of Heron Sanctuary on Eduisland 4) in honor of The Sojourner who passed away just recently. Take a moment to meet the people of the Virtual Ability community: Dusty, Kat and Namrav:
The project was begun with a grant to the Alliance Library System (now Alliance Virtual Library in SL) from the National Library of Medicine. The project has been able to continue on by the generosity of individual contributors to Virtual Ability, Inc. , a non-profit W(3)c organization.

Paste the SLurl into your browser's address bar:

For further information about this wondrous project, contact Carolina Keats or Eme Capalini in SL.

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