Saturday, October 3, 2009

Snapz Pro shows resilience after mac computer crash!

While logged into Second Life and running both Wiretap Studio and Snapz Pro (Ambrosia's latest version)
that dreaded black veil moved slowly down my screen -- the "Kernel Panic" --with the message written in multiple languages alerting me to hold down my on/off button for several seconds to turn off computer. Actually, I don't remember the exact wording as the loss of brain cells likely works to calm readers of the bold text message as the veil drops on the screen.
In the past, I would have lost the video being recorded using SnapzProX, of course due to the crash and not Snapz.... but the story ends to the sound of the resilient and lone trombone heard above the crowds of brass... Snapz rose to the center of the screen as I logged back in.... standing alone, proud and ready for action: "Save movie... now or later?"
Thank you, Ambrosia.

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