Sunday, October 18, 2009

On P Squared chatting with Philip

After reading Philip Rosedale's blog post, Next Chapter: (sorry... you may need to log in to read it)... I logged into Second Life to visit P Squared. Actually, I used the link from the Sand Castle Studios site:
On location: P Squared in the very beautiful Second Life®
Many thanks to the imagination & ever-continuing reinvention of Philip Linden Rosedale. Picnic-ing on P Squared when a along came Philip Linden.
made my day! I told him I had met him at SLCC in Chicago and San Francisco... and was most pleased to meet him here in the real world!
So now you'll find him at Burning Life.. one of those tiny little green dots!
so cool.... now there's a machinima that goes with this.. but it's the tour of the island before Philip arrived... stay tuned on my youtube channel:

P Squared 001

If you decide to travel,take the quick route via the SLURL site:

Credits for some of the creators shown in the video:
Out of Sim Reef & Sculptie Palms & Dead Trees by Tobias Novi
Art by Artoo Magnetoo
Flowers (on the coffee table inside house) Mitch Ishnoo
Tiki Tatoo Cie - Hatzfeld Runo
HVX Silverstar is wearing: !Rebel Hope Designs - Pirate Calico Jack
Pink slim glasses by Gudshu Udal
Wunderlich's Victorian Antigone Hair - 1866 Blondes
Tuli Faith light natural skin
SBK Parish Shape by Kira Paderborn
Mysterious Morticia (CGL) gloves
EarthStones Bali Hoop Earings
Zaara Classic Jeans
My Favourite thing in SL® Armord Steam Boots by Marcos Fonzarell
Machinima & ramblings by HVX Silverstar © 2009

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