Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Squirrelverse: Graduation Village for new teens to Second Life - 18 and older

Graduation Village in Second Life opened on Saturday, January 20, 2007.
Operated by Squirrelverse ("), Graduation Village is a privately owned education services facility on the Main Grid that has a dual purpose - to give Teenagers aged 18 and over a place to hang and to meet informally with adult educators and librarians, and to be a focal point for the provision of commercial education and business services. Contact Fleet Goldenberg "in world" for further information.

A FLV version of the file is available on from Library Famous on The FLV file on blip is an On2 VP6 encoded FLV file. The original file was in Quicktime and was taken into the Flash 8 encoding module to create the FLV file. Much better. I'm learning as I go, so the machinima will look better as we move along.

If you are interested in joining the Library Famous (machinima actors guild) group in SL, just search using the groups tab. If you join the group you will be asked to join us in the upcoming video about librarians in SL.

Now for YouTube's version of the video. This is an MPEG4 file saved to the spec suggested by YouTube. Due to compression of the files in order to host the worlds' video collection, the videos on YouTube aren't as clear as the FLV files on

Save video (different format) via YouTube
On YouTube, select the small version of the file by clicking on the icon at the lowe right side of the player (2nd from edge).

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