Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fraps Alternative for OSX

Take a look at arena's second life blog for a detailed tutorial on using Ambrosia's Snapz Pro X version 2.0.3 (Intel mac).


Aenea said...

Ummm, actually no.

I cheated and used FRAPS in Boot Camp, and then edited in Mac OS X. I didn't have access to Snapz Pro, but didn't actively search for it, either, because IMO the Windows client is faster than the Mac client, allowing for better captures.

Good luck, tho, and thanks for the link :)

Felipe said...

pardon, but what did you use to edit or watch the FRAPS video on OS X side? I haven't found a codec yet that can read the FPS1 videos FRAPS makes. let me know if you can, thanks