Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Registering for a Second Life Account & Joining the UC Davis Group for MHI289

What we need to do for the MHI289h class sessions Feb. 19 & Feb. 21, 2013

  • register for an account and download the Second Life viewer software.   
  • open the Second Life viewer software and log in using your new avatar name and password.  Be sure you are logging into your SL viewer software, and not the SL web site.  The viewer will give you access to the 3D world, and the SL website will give you access to your account information and a whole lot more. 
    Follow the instructions to install on your computer.
    Click on the package to begin the install.

    • Now use the search feature in the SL viewer to locate the UC Davis group and join it to be able to gain access to the UC Davis and Prophylaxis Islands for class.
    • The search icon is on the left side of you SL viewer window. 
    • Search for UC Davis. 
    • Select Groups from the drop-down menu to limit your search to just groups 

Type in UC Davis and select Groups from drop-down menu
Once you locate the UC Davis group...
click on green More Info button

Click Join Now button and then confirm that you want to join
the group by clicking Join again as shown above.

  • use the SLurl (Second Life URL) to reach the UC Davis Island. There are many ways to reach the UC Davis and Prophylaxis Islands: being sent a teleport that you can click on to get to the island, use the SLurl by putting it into your usual web browser (IE, Safari, Firefox, etc.).... 

Click on the GOLD button: Visit this location

Health Informatics Class hyperlinks:

What if the Second Life Viewer does not work on my computer?

WAY BACK WHEN... I first registered for a Second Life account in 2007, when the process included email verification before downloading the Second Life Viewer, and then being sent to one of the Linden Lab help islands/ welcome islands. That was actually a great help, as the Second Life mentors literally walked you through the first few minutes or hours... depending on how long you managed to stay. Today when I registered for an account, it was a lot quicker, though the help and orientation options were not readily visible. We will walk through that part together during the workshop, if you haven't already done so.

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