Friday, October 8, 2010

Trying out other worlds after the Linden announcement to do away with the educational discount

I first tried inWorldz after the Linden announcement to increase educational fees from the current discounted set-up and monthly maintenance fees charged. After a quick chat with one of the mentors, I teleported directly to the island to find out how to purchase land... Islands are much cheaper, with a monthy lease of US$75.00 for an island. It's more than double that for an island in Second Life. Mainland regions are $60.00 while the beta is still in effect.
I was in the midst of a purchase... terribly compulsive! Fortunately, it timed out when I took too long to decide on the region name. I had the island name in mind, and hadn't thought of the region... Lucky for me! I have leased an island in OSgrid which takes me away from the proprietary environments of Second Life and inWorldz.

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