Monday, June 1, 2009

Feed a family with a virtual wheatfield...

amradio_wheatfield, originally uploaded by HVX Silverstar.

AM Radio's final sunset benefit concert for Heifer International and to bid farewell to The Refuge and Expansion.
Yesterday, Sunday, May 31, 2009, SL turns out to honour one of the great artistic talents on this new world and to bid farewell to the place that took us home to a slower time... to an expansive place with unpredictable turns and falls... to hidden and cloistered places where those before us had left the artifacts from half a century ago. Calling our names.. we sit down a while and think about the HAM radios, the tools, where the work is never done... where we are one with the work, one with the technology.
Above the penetrating music of Kelvinblue Oh, AM Radio shouts explanations into the crowd... how buying a cornfield in SL will feed a family along with the benefits of buying a gaggle of geese.... with all donations going to the AM Radio supported charity, and AM Radio's donation page
AM has inspired the community artistically, intellectually and forever more...
people from around the world stood at the crossroads on the Wales sim amidst The Refuge and Expansion installation. Earlier performances were given by Colemarie Soleil and Joaquin Gustav.
Goodbyes are difficult... but even moreso when there is no point for return, no visits, no artifacts...

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