Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Choreography & Bovines in a virtual world

igotaggied-4Here we are: four of us holding tight and ready for another group shot. Though, we'll need some fancy camera work to get us looking into eagle's lens.
Like a fluid roundhouse kick with the mouse moving left across the sky. Hold those smiles and think of Port Reyes Blue...

on location with Think Mapp, HVX Silverstar and the Bovines of UC Davis.... above Machinima Institute trying to make a commercial.

So who is behind the super cool animated sculpty bovines? Jon Haskall is the creator whose work can be found at:

Place: Sculpty Creations Animals
Region: Extrem Island
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Extrem%20Island/176/52/26Highly textured realistic low prim low cost Sculpted prim Animals from all over the world, African, Australian, American, Asian, European.
Owned by: Sculpty Creatures (group)

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