Sunday, November 9, 2008

Virtual Ability Island in Second Life®: virtual world community and orientation for people with disabilities or chronic illness

Here is the last of the 3 part introduction to the orientation areas of Virtual Ability Island (VIA) in Second Life®.

Virtual Ability Orientation Tours with Gentle Heron and HVX Silverstar following along (me!):
End of Part Three


Where limitations are just stepping stones...
to a place with no limitations.

Virtual Ability Island... first stop...
Tour courtesy of Gentle Heron
Virtual Ability Inc.
and the
Alliance Library System
Peoria, IL USA

Alliance Virtual Library blog:
funded by the
National Library of Medicine

by Jarrod Pedone ASCAP

Machinima by HVX Silverstar
Machinima Institute
in the
Info Archipelago
Alliance Virtual Library

Creative Commons Attribution
No Derivatives (by-nd)
September 2008

Filmed on location in the very beautiful Second Life®

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