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I am Library: an ode to self-discovery & collective creativity in Second Life®

I am Library: an ode to self-discovery and collective creativity in Second Life ®

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Accompanying video on blip.tv (best quality) and also on YouTube:
I am Library: an ode to self-discovery and collective creativity in Second Life®

Video (machinima):
Watch the video on Blip.tv at: http://libraryfamous.blip.tv/#1387219

or on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cM5ze9M3AJ4
(be sure to watch the High Quality version – see the link at the bottom of the YouTube video window on the lower right side)

The paper and accompanying presentation were given at the Bridging Worlds Conference in Singapore, Oct 16-17, 2008, exploring the library experience in Second Life. The video takes us on a visual journey through the virtual environment; meeting some of the librarians and educators, collaborators and partners. It introduces virtual worlds and their increasing significance to the library and educational communities, show-casing the work of the Alliance Virtual Library (AVL) founded and coordinated by the Alliance Library System of Peoria, Illinois, USA. Over the last 2.5 years, AVL has explored what it would be like to provide library services in virtual worlds, beginning with one librarian on a parcel of virtual land to a footprint that now comprises 50 islands, the virtual equivalent of 1.26 square miles, the size of Angel Island, standing proud and strong in the San Francisco Bay.
What are some of the issues and ongoing challenges facing libraries as they consider the creation of a virtual presence? What does a library “feel like” in a virtual world? (see accompanying video) How are libraries integrating Second Life with social networking sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Delicious, YouTube, blogs and their existing web sites? Join us for this virtual world exploration and new media demonstration, I am Library.

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