Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So what does an island look like?

Shown here are two islands in the Information Archipelago, managed by Alliance Library System / Alliance Virtual Library. Eduisland 3 is seen on the left with the Machinima Institute located on the SW corner (4096 plot) on Eduisland 3 (60, 30, 22).

On the right is the newly delivered island awaiting a new terrain.
I have been checking out the terrains created by Avatrian:

The Terrain Factory offers a variety of environmental themes influenced by real life g eography and virtual environments: Some of my favorites were Iceland,Lake Victoria, Natural Fortress and the 12 island raw file, Overook, that promises to turn the mountain isle into a divided instructional location. I will be subdividing the island to take advantage of separate media settings for the smaller isles.

The Terrain Factory:

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