Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Media Symposium Conference on Mashups: April. 1-2, 2008

Another great conference by NMC being offered in Second Life and via the LearningTimes site using Adobe Connect. The keynote was delivered by Wayne Hodgins via satellite from a sailboat in La Paz. Along with his first mate pup, he provided clarity to the web 2.0 and mashup picture. Brilliant! Brian Lamb's 'Confessions of a Mashup Un-Artist' had people dancing on the old school bus and in the air... it was dead inspiring and made me want to run home and layer a few tracks in one of these audio packages so infrequently use. I'll provide the link shortly.
Other sessions that I managed to catch included: mashup Contest at Upenn: Copyright and Free Culture which provided us with an enviable view of their library commons offering audio, video and other popular software, along with specialized staff in IT services, time management, writing, research by the librarians and a super lab with equipment for digitizing video and audio

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