Sunday, March 23, 2008

MacBook Air Baby!

I have heard it referred to as a "big ipod".... Anyway, I had been waiting for a demo of the new computer in my local campus
computer store, and yesterday they finally cracked open one of the boxes rather than just selling them as they came in.
So, would this tiny thing that can fit inside an envelope atually run SL?

The computer was logged onto the campus wireless network...
I pulled up and downloaded the latest version of SL (very quickly while everyone was busy)
and ran it from the desktop since I did not have admin permissions on it.

Up it came... logged in to my favourite haunt, Wastelands, went for a walk, flew across the bridge, teleported to Eduisland 3,
Machinima Institute & Cafe... hit the movie button to stream our small version of the Goldsphere machinima
from (320x240, h.264 codec, fast start)... jumped up to the roof... well, that took a couple of seconds... as I had just hit the movie button to play media... so, a bit of a hiccup.

I didn't get a chance to change any of the preferences.. but I will. Anyway, it's a magnificent piece of work.

Yea, I'm buying this baby!
Note: You may not want to use it as your main means of transport to SL.. .but it will get you there for a tour and maybe more. I'll load SnapzproX on it and try to capture it... So I have no plans for any heavy work, graphics, video or anything like that... but it's great for day-to-day upkeep and traveling... mostly because it's not 8 pound alien).

In this shot it's actually flying across my living room...

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