Monday, February 11, 2008

The Cost of Being "YouTubed"

So, what does it cost to put your video or machinima on YouTube?
I'd say, it's a tax on ego and resolution. Getting it under 100 MB and giving over to YouTube's flash version of your movie. I like to encourage people to use the button on the lower right of the YouTube window (second one in), to view the original 320x240 version of the video. If only we could set this as the default view.
So here's my latest upload:
Step #1: uploaded a great looking 28 MB Quicktime (h.264, almost best quality, fast start)
Step #2: quickly removed the file from YouTube in case anyone saw it...
Step #3: So I went back to FCP and the quicktime conversion and I converted the file (320x240, h.264, best, fast start).
Step #4: Uploaded to YouTube - no improvement.
Step #5: I remembered the Flash Video Encoder... it took a while but I was able to convert to FLV format. I was hoping it would do a better job than the original quicktime that YouTube converted to Flash. It did. I have since deleted the earlier version as YouTube does not allow you to have multiple files on their servers.
(320x240 - Flash 8 700 kbps, h.264, 28 MB) - now on YouTube
(640x480 Flash 8, 700 kbps, 7.2 MB 640x480) - now on
The fade/dissolve transition between the first and second title images looks bad.. but a great improvement to the earlier video I had uploaded.

View this video on YouTube:

A good feature to request on YouTube would be to have the original resolution of the video shown as the default, instead of the YouTubed one (converted in a hurry by YouTube without any attention to detail).
So, what can do? How about offering the statistics on the free accounts rather than on the pro accounts and turn them on for viewers. That would really be worth the $8.00.

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