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ISTE Machinima Workshop: Jan. 27, 2008

ISTE Machinima Workshop
SnapshotISTE 004, originally uploaded by HVX Silverstar.

Chatlog: Jan. 27 chatlog for ISTE Machinima session.
We had about 18-20 avatars show up for the workshop; the weather was great so we moved the sofas outside and had a lot of room for the "hands on" activities. With the group up on their feet, it gave us a chance to try out use the shortcut keys for SL camera controls to follow, pan and orbit nearby prims and avatars. With chat windows closed (edit | preferences | text chat tab | close chat after hitting return ) we were able to use the keyboard shortcuts (E, C, M) for jumping up and down and moving in and out of mouselook.
We spent some time talking about the options on the client menu (previously called the 'debug' menu) and made some selections to increase the use of our camera (by disabling the camera constraints. This menu is opened using the ctrl-alt-d keys (toggling on and off).
With the menu open (active) we were able to make use of the 'show' and 'hide' UI feature, allowing us to get rid of the user interface.
We were up in the air shaking it out and using the keyboard shortcut to get rid of the SL user interface (UI) and move in and out of mouselook at the same time. Some, like yours truly, took advantage of the moment and flew up into the clouds with the added boost from the Armord Steamboots, a great find at $L300.

View the instructional slides on Flickr at:

ISTE Machinima Workshop: an introduction with HVX Silverstar

When: Sunday, Jan. 27, 2008, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM PDT (SL Time)
Where: Eduisland 3, 60, 30, 22 - Machinima Institute & Cafe
Software: No software required, just the SL viewer so you can see what is going on. See the Machinima wiki for software options for screen capture, editing, etc.:
The SL built-in movie capture, FRAPS and SnapzProX , iShowU will be discussed during the session.

Part I:
- Why shoot machinima in Second Life?
- Getting Ready: Preferences & Debug (Client) Menu
- Keyboard Shortcuts for Machinima
- What about the User Interface (UI)?
- Camera Controls: using keyboard combinations to focus, alt-zoom, pan and orbit your camera

Part II:
- Testing your built-in movie capture (PCs only)
- Third-party software for storyboarding, capturing video, file compression and editing.
- Online editing & Sharing (Eyespot, Jumpcut, YouTube's TestTube)
- Streaming your machinima into Second Life
- Creating a group movie project

Background Viewing & Reading:

A few books from the Pros:

Machinima Wiki:

Hands-on Session: Slides from Jan. 12, 2008:

Introduction to Machinima: Slides from Jan. 12, 2008:

FRAPS Introduction from Teen Second Life Machinima Weekend:

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