Thursday, February 15, 2007

Machinima instruction from Kiwi Alfa Feb 15, 17, 19

Machinimatographer, Kiwi Alfa, will be continuing to give free machinima classes on the Fox Atomic Sim (Feb. 15, Feb. 17, Feb. 19). It's the same class with options for date/time.
This class will provide you with the basics for using the free scripted camera (Alt-Zoom Camera Update) to create smooth shots.
The sessions will be hosted on Fox Atomic island.
Join in and enter the upcoming machinima contest.
This class is hosted by Kiwi Alfa.
Where? Fox Atomic Sim
Feb 15th - 12:00 PM SLT/PST
Feb 17th - 03:00 PM SLT/PST
Feb 19th - 12:00 PM SLT/PST

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